The iPhone – dead on arrival!!!11

Steve Bukowski lists seven reasons why the iPhone just isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Hey Steve, you forgot some!!! (just kidding).

1) No keyboard. A lot of the guys (and gals!!) here in the BlogKennel are saying that kids today love trendy devices sporting the “full QWERTY”, like the T-Mobile Sidekick and HTC’s cool gadgets. Apple forgot to put a keyboard on the iPhone, which means you can’t type in any messages – and how are you going to get your phone numbers into it? Apple you idiots!!

b) Lacks Xbox Live Achievements ticker. This is the killer app that is going to propel smartphones into the mainstream. I got the “Stompin’ Dilly” badge on Gears of War last night!! Apple is fifteen to twenty years behind Microsoft here.

8) It uses Apple’s proprietary GSM standard, which the French all hate. Try using one of these in public in France and passers-by will literally piss all over you. You’re dead to me, Jobs!!

;( Apparently, right, the battery only lasts fifteen days, and it’s made of polonium, and when it’s used up you have to throw the phone away and buy another one. I’m not sure about this but some Mac journalists who don’t have web access told me and I’m too busy to check. Polonium sucks ass.

More later. Some voices in my head are telling me that if you are a regular angler and need compatibility with a fish-detecting sonar module, you are going to be much better off with a Treo or Clié. Save your money.


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