So tired

I’m just about done covering CES. Sorry about the polonium thing, but you try working 22 hour days getting exclusive videos with top technology opinion makers and see how it affects your ability to tell fantasy from reality.

I have lots of videos of my lovely blogfriends – I think I remembered to take the lens cap off for most of them this time. I will upload them sometime next week – my favourite is a 5-hour interview with the CEO of my sponsor, Gunjian Whalebone & Electric Company, where we tackle a range of topics including his firm’s new range of iPod cases, golf, whisky and how our kids are doing. Sure beats relying on the outmoded MSM for news, doesn’t it?

Loren Feldman gave me some crap about my videos being “long and boring”, but now we are friends so I guess he realised he was mistaken.

Also, what’s up with Apple not giving me a couple of days of Steve Jobs’ time to do an indepth vodiocast? Not talking to bloggers is just another form of racism. I have bought several Macs and I don’t think anyone can question my insight into the iPhone (apart from the polonium thing, and I already said I was tired) . Some guy who works for the old, dead media with their outmoded “fact-checking” got the scoop. Go figure.


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