Only bloggers vote

I think we can all agree that getting the most blog links is going to determine who wins the next election. I mean, I followed the “white guy” candidate around for almost two days, before eventually some secret service guys asked me to leave. You can see the full completely unedited 40-hour video via my employer BubbleTalk – although I somehow had the “fun solarise” effect turned on for the first couple of hours of footage.

Anyway, that was the making of this Edwards guy, who I don’t think anyone had heard of before I discovered him.

That’s why it makes me so mad that Hillary Clinton doesn’t seem to be checking her Technorati profile and joining the growing online conversation about her panties on blogs like my friend Estan Esterhazy’s “XBox and Stuff”.

Obama went with some other company to do his podcast and videos, the stupid asshole. And none of it’s in HD! I guess he’s lost my vote.


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