Wow! Gunjian’s hard disk division has come up with something game-changing.

It’s built around a 10Gb hard disk – which means it’s already 2Gb up on the iPhone (j/k Steve – good to see that you link, unlike Engadget, which doesn’t link).

But it also has an LED to tell you when the disk is full, and a serial port. Gunjian has released APIs to allow other companies to integrate their devices with the KEITH (Kool Endogenous Information & Tips Handler).

Weight is only 4.2kg, and battery life is 4-6 hours of a single D cell.

My favourite feature: it can sense fear.

This short 49 minute taster is the pre-pre-announcement video, so it’s mainly some PR guy from Gunjian explaining how the company is going to use KEITH to position its hard drives as a “trusted budget luxury lifestyle” brand, and only 39 seconds of the actual product. The pre-announcement video, with a slightly longer demo of KEITH, won’t be posted until after it’s unveiled at the JamGadge conference next week.

Still, beats reading some rewritten press release, huh?

I’ve had enough of this whole debate about whether everyone should link to all of my posts or just some of them. Let’s bury the hatchet, OK guys?

Not everyone hates me. I’ve received some kind words from my friends Jonathan Sanderson (“He’d post a whole lot less if he edited out the dull bits” – thanks man!) and John Gruber, who points out this hilarious parody blog.


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