Introducing “Drinking with Dorks”

There’s a new sort of social networking event that a few people have tipped me off about. It’ s kind of like LinkedIn, except that you meet offline in small groups of about 6 people. You eat food and drink alcohol while talking IRL about the latest great Gunjian technology.

I think this “dinner party” network could be the next Orkut.

Check out the first episode of “Drinking with Dorks”, my new socianetwovodcast! This episode features Randy Socom, CEO-in-chief of NetWonkNews, Steve Llagerub, the man who invented the “refresh button” and is now acting CEO of RefreshWorks, and Mary Carey, meta-CEO of Dibble.

Dibble was only founded three days ago and today it announced a new business model: to monetise the ecosystem around the “dinner party” meme by selling advertising on spoons and placemats, so Mary had some particularly interesting things to say. You can’t really hear them because I found that leaving the microphone next to the candles isn’t such a good idea. Hey, when it comes to recording video, we’re all still learning.

If you want short “YouTube”-style videos, this is not for you, but there are brief moments of intelligible conversation about 34 minutes in, and later at the 3hr49 mark. I think Steve really nails why Google is in so much trouble lately.


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