Naked, greedy conversations

Blogs are all about conversations. Like the conversation I had with my wife this morning about how we’re going to pay for that third HDTV set.

That’s why I’ve signed up with PayPerPost. At $15 a post, I’ll have that baby paid off by summer.

Yes, I’m a capitalist. If you don’t agree with me on this, I guess that makes you a communist. And Stalin killed more people than Hitler. Is that what you want?

As a good capitalist the only option I have is to maximise income. PayPerPost has lots of VC money, and until they go the way of all those other sleazy “micro-marketing” firms,  I need to get my share.

Oh yeah, here’s the disclosure bit:

*This post brought to you by PayPerPost, but all opinions are mine!



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4 responses to “Naked, greedy conversations

  1. T Man

    Haven’t heard from you in a long time. Are you still blogging? Too busy with your naked conversations? I know you don’t link me, that’s why I’ve removed you from my link blog. Although, I tend to just press J, J, J in Google Reader when I get to your posts anyway.

  2. The real Scoble went beyond parody, so I decided it would be better just to delete him from my Google Reader (there’s no keyboard shortcut for that I’m afraid) and try to move on with life.

    This parody blog was mainly an attempt to channel my annoyance at the modern-day Mr Pooter into something productive. Now I’m just going to ignore him and hope that, after the crash, he goes away. One day soon the idea of a company using its blog to promote its products will be about as cutting-edge as the idea of headed stationery.

  3. Tim

    We’ll miss ya scoobie!

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