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The truth about traffic on the internet

Sometimes it takes the mainstream media to come out and tell the truth: the Internet is over.

When I was at Microsoft, I used to get 200,000 hits when Slashdot linked to me. Now, traffic on the Internet is way down. The Daring Fireball post “A point-by-point debunking of Richard Scoobie’s latest bullshit claim, written with a mixed feeling of nausea, pity and resignation” (now deleted) didn’t drive any traffic to my great videos at all – Computers & Accessories, Microsoft.

Part of the problem is that people don’t link to the original source of a story. I hate people who don’t link properly.

But the hot trend here is that the real action now happens over SMS and closed social networking systems. No-one follows a link when Doc Searls points out that I am wrong to suggest that Microsoft has released .NET under the GPL and is using it to build the next release of Windows, which will be a video-based social network rather than an operating system.

And yet, on Facebook, I have had 86 people send me a pina colada on Happy Hour today alone.

That proves that blogs are dying. Nobody blogs about my videos any more – because after being overwhelmed by the richness of the content, text alone seems too humdrum by comparison. (Wait until you see my upcoming vlog where J Allard defends the Zune’s touchpad for 24 hours straight!)

Some food for thought for the haters there.

Talking of haters, I think this guy is making fun of me. Who would be so lame to do a copycat of Fake Steve based in a dying medium? He should at least have video.


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