The truth about traffic on the internet

Sometimes it takes the mainstream media to come out and tell the truth: the Internet is over.

When I was at Microsoft, I used to get 200,000 hits when Slashdot linked to me. Now, traffic on the Internet is way down. The Daring Fireball post “A point-by-point debunking of Richard Scoobie’s latest bullshit claim, written with a mixed feeling of nausea, pity and resignation” (now deleted) didn’t drive any traffic to my great videos at all – Computers & Accessories, Microsoft.

Part of the problem is that people don’t link to the original source of a story. I hate people who don’t link properly.

But the hot trend here is that the real action now happens over SMS and closed social networking systems. No-one follows a link when Doc Searls points out that I am wrong to suggest that Microsoft has released .NET under the GPL and is using it to build the next release of Windows, which will be a video-based social network rather than an operating system.

And yet, on Facebook, I have had 86 people send me a pina colada on Happy Hour today alone.

That proves that blogs are dying. Nobody blogs about my videos any more – because after being overwhelmed by the richness of the content, text alone seems too humdrum by comparison. (Wait until you see my upcoming vlog where J Allard defends the Zune’s touchpad for 24 hours straight!)

Some food for thought for the haters there.

Talking of haters, I think this guy is making fun of me. Who would be so lame to do a copycat of Fake Steve based in a dying medium? He should at least have video.


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One response to “The truth about traffic on the internet

  1. T Man

    Good to see you blogging again. While blogging is clearly dead in the age of Twitter, at least you’re not publishing on dead tree media like the MSM. Video and other “shiny things” are where it’s at. And facebook is the new Internet.

    I hope we see a full post soon on the new Gunjan Whalebone hard drives. I expect at least an hour long video.

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