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Naked, greedy conversations

Blogs are all about conversations. Like the conversation I had with my wife this morning about how we’re going to pay for that third HDTV set.

That’s why I’ve signed up with PayPerPost. At $15 a post, I’ll have that baby paid off by summer.

Yes, I’m a capitalist. If you don’t agree with me on this, I guess that makes you a communist. And Stalin killed more people than Hitler. Is that what you want?

As a good capitalist the only option I have is to maximise income. PayPerPost has lots of VC money, and until they go the way of all those other sleazy “micro-marketing” firms,  I need to get my share.

Oh yeah, here’s the disclosure bit:

*This post brought to you by PayPerPost, but all opinions are mine!



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Scoobie smear campaign!

Wow, Valleywag has accused me of being a paid shill for Gunjian Whalebone & Electric Company.

I’m not a shill. My exclusive video report on Gunjian was an objective piece of investigative journalism (it’s not my fault they make the best budget capacitors on the market!) but I guess in the spirit of “naked conversations” I should have disclosed a few things.

It’s all very simple. Gunjian is a sponsor of my employer, BubbleRapCasts Inc. But it does not sponsor my podcasts, allowing me to maintain editorial independence. In addition, BubbleRapCasts Inc is now a fully-owned subsidiary of Gunjian, but Gunjian has not bought me any cars or houses since the acquisition officially completed. Gunjian does allow me to have all the capacitors I need, but I don’t fit them in anything I personally use or look at them while uploading any of my video reports. I always bring my own sandwiches.

I think you’ll agree that disclosing this makes it clear that I’m just a regular guy, having conversations with a few friends and uploading them in full.

Compare this sort of transparency with what you get in the mainstream media, with their “adverts” and “features” and “advertising features” and tricksy “editing”. You won’t see any of that from me.

OK Denton you asshole?

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