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The truth about traffic on the internet

Sometimes it takes the mainstream media to come out and tell the truth: the Internet is over.

When I was at Microsoft, I used to get 200,000 hits when Slashdot linked to me. Now, traffic on the Internet is way down. The Daring Fireball post “A point-by-point debunking of Richard Scoobie’s latest bullshit claim, written with a mixed feeling of nausea, pity and resignation” (now deleted) didn’t drive any traffic to my great videos at all – Computers & Accessories, Microsoft.

Part of the problem is that people don’t link to the original source of a story. I hate people who don’t link properly.

But the hot trend here is that the real action now happens over SMS and closed social networking systems. No-one follows a link when Doc Searls points out that I am wrong to suggest that Microsoft has released .NET under the GPL and is using it to build the next release of Windows, which will be a video-based social network rather than an operating system.

And yet, on Facebook, I have had 86 people send me a pina colada on Happy Hour today alone.

That proves that blogs are dying. Nobody blogs about my videos any more – because after being overwhelmed by the richness of the content, text alone seems too humdrum by comparison. (Wait until you see my upcoming vlog where J Allard defends the Zune’s touchpad for 24 hours straight!)

Some food for thought for the haters there.

Talking of haters, I think this guy is making fun of me. Who would be so lame to do a copycat of Fake Steve based in a dying medium? He should at least have video.


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In Web 2.0, mass murder doesn’t have to mean mass media

Wow, it’s been a while!

I’ve been really busy cutting our last three videos down into a six hour “highlights” package for those of you who are too lazy to watch the full thing.

I have to address what Xeni has sensibly called the first Web 2.0 mass murderer. I mean, mailing your Quicktime videos to a TV station – what could epitomise the Web 2.0 age more than that? This must be the first time ever that a murderer has communicated through the media!

Just had to give kudos to my pals Dave Winer
and Doc Searls.

Dave points out that the evil old-media gatekeepers at NBC are wrong not to release Cho’s video package in full. “It’s 2007, and it’s a decentralized world. We should all get a chance to see what’s on those videos” he says.

(Also congrats to Boing Boing for showing the power of social media by identifying some Flickr pictures of the killer in record time. Admittedly it turned out to be a totally different guy, but how were they supposed to know? Asians look alike. The old dead media, with its outmoded “accountability” and “fact-checking” would never have been able to point the finger so rapidly. Except maybe Geraldo.)

In the Web 2.0 age, it’s just wrong for a TV station not to run the video manifesto of a mass killer. As Doc says, “many eyes make all bugs shallow”. As far as I have seen, nobody has been suggesting measures that might stop these kind of tragedies in future, but if enough people see Cho’s vlog, I’m sure someone will suggest a “patch” and everyone will quickly come to an agreement to implement it.

We have to see the videos in full to work out a solution, though. 3 minutes of clips isn’t enough. Perhaps in one of the unreleased segments, Cho gives a vital clue to addressing the problem. “I’m concerned that I’m not getting enough selenium in my diet”, perhaps. Or maybe there’s something we could have done with RSS and Twitter to address his “stalking” problems.

In a way I am a victim of the same evil media filtering that Dave identifies. When I release a two hour video about a hot new papercraft startup, people complain that it’s “boring” and want me to cut it down. But that’s just another form of censorship.

As Doc points out, there could be bad consequences to releasing the killer’s manifesto in full. Like encouraging copycat spree killings. And allowing a dead murderer to slander and blame his victims from beyond the grave, thus increasing the pain of survivors and bereaved families. But I think my right to watch the videos I want to watch, in full, trumps the rights of a few whiny college kids.

I think the shooting-vlog sector is going to hockey-stick this semester. The clunky process of recording Quicktimes and sending them off to NBC is going to put off less tech-savvy killers – I’m sure a bright startup could capture that valuable content by making it easier for murderers to get their content online. Maybe with real-time helmet cam footage over 3G? Next week I hope to bring you an exclusive video interview with the founder of the first startup in this area, SpreeTube. I’m very excited!

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PitchFest 07

Sitting here at PitchFest 07, I’ve just seen a demo that literally transcends language. The firm, Vodbodge, combines video clips, shopping, SMS and those little yellow highlight effects in a way that is totally cool, and I can’t explain.

Aren’t you glad you have me as your on-the-spot reporter?

Later I will upload a long video about Vodbodge, but I guess none of you ungrateful scum will watch it ‘cos it’s not “edited”. The Telegraph found a new excuse for not mentioning my Vista videoit hadn’t come out when they wrote their article. That’s the MSM for ya.

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Thanks Gunjian

Unrelatedly, I just learned that Gunjian Electric & Whalebone Corporation signed up for another sponsorship of the ScoobieCast. This means I can bring you another thousand hours of totally independent and unbiased tech conversations.

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Do bloggers have the right not to link to me?

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend among the A-list blogs. Very few of them linked to my exclusive four-hour video tour of Intel’s new chip plant, preferring instead to briefly mention that Intel has invented a new type of chip.

Admittedly my video wasn’t very interesting at first, but if you look closely at the 2:13 mark, you can see a man in one of those bunny suits (think Intel ads rather than Donnie Darko!!!) walk past the window carrying some kind of high-tech tool. It’s not that clear because I dripped sweat on the lens again, but it’s there.

Even better were the interviews I got, which revealed that:

* computers are powered by silicon-based circuits, or “chips”
* these new “chips” are smaller and will go faster
* the “chips” are made in a “fab”
* Intel can’t say too much about it because it’s secret!

Why is no-one interested in my 4-hour video tour?

Engadget didn’t link. Gizmodo didn’t link. Michael Arrington pushed and pinched and hurt my arm.

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Oh yeah, I saw on memeorandum confirmation that Obama will be our first Muslim president, which I totally called last week.

Why doesn’t he have a MySpace or something for us to ask him about what being a Muslim is all about? Lame.

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Meeting your heroes

An amazing day at the Bubble365 conference where I met my hero Robert X. Cringely. This is the guy who first predicted the Google Cube – you know, that TiVo/VoiP/iTunes replacement in a neat epoxy box that plugs into all your existing equipment and Google sends through the post for free… They don’t have those where you are yet?

I realized that he is better than me in every way and has a more expensive camera and sometimes shoots videos that people watch almost all the way through.

Thanks to Edimax for sponsoring my innovative trip to take some photos of trains, which had a peak reach of over 20 people! They even gave me some free CD-Rs which they have exclusively told me are better than everyone else’s! Buy them!

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